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Selective Case Management, Inc. (SCM) has been an approved provider for Community Mental Health since 2004. Our goal is to provide the highest quality case management services focused on assisting the consumer in achieving their dreams, desires and goals. SCM is currently taking a proactive approach to providing Whole Health Integration.

 Case Management/Supports Coordination Includes:

  • Supports Coordination and Nursing Assessments

  • Working closely with consumers on goal achievement

  • Weekly to Monthly home visits with PCP follow-up

  • Consumer service evaluation/ assessment

  • Coordinate the provision of quality cost effective health care services

  • Attend consumer appointments

  • Facilitate appropriate diagnostics

  • Serve as an advocate and liaison between consumer, guardians, physician, employers, attorneys, and other appropriate providers

  • Attend physician/therapy appointments as needed

  • Facilitate IMEs and FCEs

  • Vocational evaluations, assessments, and testing

  • Rehabilitation feasibility recommendations

  • Vocational Guidance/Counseling

  • Person Center and goal oriented Plans

  • Job Analysis and Ergonomic Recommendations

  • Transferable Skills Analysis

  • Register consumer with all applicable local and government services

  • Regular reporting

Job Placement Services Include:

  • Consumer assessment/evaluation

  • Job seeking skills counseling

  • Individualized Placement Plan

  • Resume development

  • Job goal analysis

  • Employer contacts/lead development

  • Employer follow up

  • Attend interviews when appropriate

  • Regular reporting

Supported Employment/Work Experience Services Include:

  • Fully insured/trained staff of Job Coaches

  • Meeting Facilitation

  • Microenterprise development and management

  • Consumer assessments -  Consumer Profiles

  • Employer accommodation assessments

  • Work Site Evaluations

  • Task Analysis

  • Training Plans

  • Training strategies/data collection

  • On-going support/follow along services

  • Employer of Record services

  • Identification of natural supports

  • Regular reporting

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Introducing SCM Staff

The Selective Case Management Staff consists of qualified Case Managers, Placement Specialists, and Employment Consultants.  Our Case Managers are experienced at focusing on Whole Health Integration and in providing quality services to individuals with disabilities.


Reach for  the stars!

SCM staff have years of experience in facilitating Person Centered Plans and would like to help you and your team find creative ways to make your dreams and desires come true.

Ladd has several years of experience working with individuals in achieving their personal and work goals.  He helps people with a variety of needs and abilities. Ladd is a "NAVY man." He has a great sense of humor and enjoys helping people.  Ladd is an outdoorsy type who is always on the go. 


Rachel enjoys working with individuals to help them accomplish their dreams and work goals.  She has experience in helping people remove barriers that are in the way of their success.  Rachel feels Facilitating PCP Plans is a great way to contribute to a person's goals and dreams.  She is the mother of an active adorable son so she is used to multi-tasking and getting things done.


Lori has years of experience Facilitating Person Centered Plans and helping individuals who have support needs.  She is very creative and puts a great deal of effort into everything she does.  Lori enjoys gardening, learning new things, and meeting new people.


SCM staff specializes in:

  • Coordinating meetings that are at a convenient time for you and your team of supporters.

  • Scheduling a timely and organized meeting. 

  • Assisting your team in finding creative solutions to meet your goals.

  • Tapping into community resources.

  • Flexibility in days and times available for facilitation.



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